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Harminis came about after the birth of my first child over 13 yrs ago! I became isolated, so I started a little music group and things snowballed. I never want any other parent to feel like I did and for that reason I welcome babies from birth, creating a network for anyone with children. 

Above everything, I want to create a lasting bond between adult and child and encourage parents to make lasting friendships. 

We have tons of fun along the way exploring music and sensory activities. I hope you decide to give it a try.

At Harminis we believe in creating a fulfilling and enriching experience for your child. We encourage interaction through creative play with multi-sensory activities, music and movement. 


Core Skills

We take our work very seriously and we work hard to develop the following core development skills in your child.

+ Confidence

+ Self Esteem
+ Language Skills
+ Listening Skills
+ Concentration 

+ Hand/eye coordination

+ Musical Awareness

Call Us: 07824 738813 or 01723 863306                                                    

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